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Pink bedroom for girls

Attention girls and women. You don’t have to be a teenager to have a princess-style bedroom in pink design. Check out the ultimate video by Robeson Design down below.

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Interior design

Furniture for a small living room

The range of materials used in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms is very wide. Thus, in the manufacture of furniture for rooms of common use of modern particle, coated MDF boards and other reliable natural veneer and plastic (laminate and melamine). If resources permit, MDF is better as a preferred material because it’s more durable and environmentally friendly. The most expensive material is a natural wood (most common in solid wood furniture veneer). Therefore, elements of the old system, modular drawers and doors can be finished with the new veneer, cherry (or covered with a dense layer of lacquer).


Contemporary living room with light brown soft set, coffee table and fireplace

In a small apartment living is often more than just a living room and a bedroom. In this case, the main piece of a sofa bed – a room that has versatility. If space is insufficient, then you should consider buying a variety of “soft” in September: in general, is a sofa and two armchairs, where you can conveniently visitors went in and roll if.


White living room with blue cabinets soft sofa with shelves and ottoman and bookshelves

The upholstery is made from canvas (natural or synthetic), and skin. Naturally, the set of upholstered furniture in the skin, your room more presentable. How stuffed upholstery use natural materials (horse hair, feathers) and its synthetic analogues (eg, foam). Room Style decision is different – from classic to minimalism, and in this part of your home can be risky experiments with a combination of styles.


Small modern living room with leather sectional sofa and yellow armchair

If you often receive guests, choosing the color of life appropriate to use warm colors (red, orange, yellow), creating a feeling of euphoria in the room. If the room is primarily a place of rest and relaxation, you should think about the cool colors – blue, green, blue. With color, you can share a living room into two parts: the dining room turned into cheerful, happy, bright colors, and place around the fireplace or TV – in the cold silence suit relaxation.


Small contemporary living room with upholstered sofa set and white tv stand

It is important to consider what kind of lighting system to buy for your room. Superior lighting should create a holiday atmosphere and sense of comfort with  a variety of side lights. Involved in the arrangement of housing, not only in the etymology of the word, but also to personal preference – should not be a pleasure to be not only customers but also owners.

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Exterior design

Houses of the future – black prefabricated house

Black is a special color – rarely seen as appropriate choice that prevails in the interior and exterior of our homes, but we are particularly attracted by this idea exactly.

Designers from the Spanish studio A-cero has once again proved that the realization of such a concept can become a remarkable achievement.


Unique designed house in black with swimming pool in the garden

The studio, founded by Joaquin Torres, has specialized in the manufacture of prefabricated design houses. The buildings are composed of modules by special order, which is “equipped” on the ground.

This allows quite affordable for the end customer because the modules are produced on the conveyor, without affecting the ability to be assembled in any configuration.


House with extravagant exterior and architecture and a garage for a car

Studio A-cero offers furniture that is usually a mix of stylish modern furniture and classic interior design.

One of their most notable projects completed this year, a family model that isfurnished. The house, assembled in Madrid, has 2 bedrooms and common rooms, but this is the smallest version of the project. The inner courtyard has a small outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by mini-beach.

Hallway with interior design in white and pastel picture on the wall

The design is a black shiny material that reflects the surrounding environment. The area around the house is covered with a mixture of lawn and ornamental pavement sections of small white stones.

Pool and the entrance to the communal areas is ofermen small dining outdoors, enabling adults and children to eat as a family and individually, if there is family harmony.


Contemporary bedroom in white with decorations on the wall from dots

The interior is designed in a universal version that comes with this model, prefabricated house, but the studio and develop individual projects.

In the case of interior design is in harmony with the outside – the premises are in black and white with slight color accents.


Kitchen in white gray and black with high chairs and bar plot

The only exception is the nursery where there are details on the wall, resembling colorful balloons. Bedding in the same shape and similar in bright hues.

The kitchen is small but well furnished and equipped with mini-dining area.

Unfortunately, space in it and in the nursery seems immodest, but it’s only disadvantage of this variant of the prefabricated house.

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Exterior design

Houses with waterfall of the future

Nearby lake, but it pays to view the layout of the space inside out.

So the top floor and roof Living Room, dining room and other common areas to enableresidents and guests of the house to enjoy the maximum of the picturesque surroundings.



Just the floor, where those premises, “springs” and real waterfall. The soothing sound of water and its symbiosis with the inspiring modern concrete construction are the most remarkable in this house.



The windows of the floors are surrounded by shallow pool type infinity, from which water overflows in the horizon and falls directly into the main pool on the ground floor. Besides the effect achieved is impressive looking, successful water cools and refreshes the coming quarters.

Furthermore, the pools are lit so that it highlights the constant flow of water. Internal lighting is also organized in an appropriate manner.



The interior features a modernistic solutions, but in no case reduce the comfort of occupants. The transition between the different parts in the house is quite interesting – at first glance gives the feeling of transition between them, on the other hand each can be separated by specific internal pregradsi.

Natural light is used by huge windows that encircle the room on all sides.



As the owner family Nah, architects have made and stylish party space with access to the pool, which has a large bar and several areas for games.

The kitchen is furnished with a metallic coating, and pretty items with a black surface. Asymmetric kitchen island looks both attractive and versatile.

The bedroom is further illuminated by skylights above the bed itself, which is located at the foot of the top floor.

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Exterior design

Hot tubs are a great investment!

Buying a hot tub is a great investment to give you years of enjoyment and comfort!



People perform several tasks in terms of application to the home of luxury. Installing Jacuzzi at home means comfortable for you. You can imagine the level of comfort and luxury during the meeting and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. After a tired day of office, whirlpool provides soothing atmosphere, which stimulates a beautiful way.


Water bath washes away all impurities from the body and fatigue, and injection of vital energy in our body. These muscles are smoothed by the pulsating jets of warm water.
Purchase Jacuzzi is a great investment that gives years of pleasure and comfort. There are several factors that should be taken care of when you choose from a wide range of Jacuzzi.



There are many hot tub manufacturers out there. As regards the selection of the best hot tub supplier, the decision becomes a bit confusing.
The first thing you need to do is look in the local shops. If you are unable to locate a local supplier, and then move to a big store where a huge variety of whirlpool are available.



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  • How-to-keep-clean-bathtubs
  • In-the-Bathroom

This type of store shopping is usually a few models offer a wider look. Always ask your suppliers to show how many times booklet offer many different styles and sizes.
Another most preferred medium to look for is the Internet.



  • How-to-keep-clean-bathtubs
  • Luxury-bathtubs-for-luxury-homes-latest-trends
  • Modern-and-remarkable-styles-bathtubs

Currently, there are various Internet service providers that provide many options for customers when it comes to look at the Jacuzzi in Canada. These sites offer a great way filtered through a number of Canada-based hot tub dealers, as displayed are the types of baths, which are selling, general price ranges, as well as individual features and services.

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Interior design

Interior apartment design part 1

Interior – an integral part of architecture, it is an internal building and decoration of the premises. History of interior design begins with the history of human settlements.

But the interior – it is also an integral part of our lives.



At home and at work, in shops and cinemas, motels and a hotel, and even in the subway – everywhere we are surrounded by the interior. Problem it can be quite varied. It can excite, delight, shock or comfort. The main thing he brings emotion to people. Well thought out, interesting, unusual interior will leave no one indifferent


The interior can be divided into two main groups – public and residential.

Residential interior design
– a kind of portrait of a man living in it. He can tell a lot about the character of his master, his interests and tastes, social status and psychological type. Residential interiors can be created spontaneously, and can be made a professional designer.


And then the main task of the designer is as detailed as possible to ascertain the wishes of the customer, his character and style. The highest award for the master is to fully embody the wishes of the customer.



In the development of public interior is taken into account especially the appointment of the interior, its functional requirements. Since trading hall needed spacious aisles and comfortable booths, display cases for customers and visitors, the restaurant creating a serene, calm environment where people can relax and unwind, the office, on the contrary – a clear zoning of space, good lighting and comfortable workplaces.



The interior has its own rich history, which develops along with the architecture, a little behind or ahead of it. Many well-known classical styles – classical, baroque, modern, and new exact same – high-tech, minimalism, ethnic style, and so on. There is a huge creative potential in the development of residential and public interiors.

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